Blue camo

A testy neighbor cat  intruded on Halvor’s guest kibbles portion and a stare-down ensued.   The testy cat and Halvor glowered at one another. Behind the fence, in the garden with me, Effie was on the alert, clearly unnerved.  I left the garden and began raising my arms and voice to communicate to Testy that he was not welcome. Testy was unmoved by my shooing actions, and I took up a small stone and tossed it in his direction, aiming it to fall well short of hitting him. Testy backed off, and Halvor began moving toward him in a low slink. Testy took off, and Halvor followed him part of the way down our driveway, then returned to his kibbles.

I can’t say “. . .and a good time was had by all;” I can say I do not like that testy cat.

Mostly I resent Testy’s presumptuous attempts to assert dominion over food intended for Halvor and his brother Torvald, his aggressive resentment toward Effie, and the challenging hold-your-ground posture and expression he assumes toward me when I shoo him from the food put out for his rivals.

Effie observed the confrontation from the garden, stationing herself in a dense patch of flax and vetch until Testy took off, Halvor hightailing behind him, just to make sure.




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6 responses to “Blue camo

  1. Dave Wood

    How cats ( and I guess most animals) do teach us of ourselves. 🙂 I think God made them caricatures of some of the best and worst of human traits? 🙂


  2. Poor Effie, I hope she wasn’t too scared…invaders are never pleasant.


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