Southpaw bugcatcher, and a plethora of purple poppies

Effie and I enjoyed this morning’s garden outing in a cool morning drizzle.





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18 responses to “Southpaw bugcatcher, and a plethora of purple poppies

  1. You made me laugh so hard I coughed on my the deadpan humour!!


  2. I’d be curious to know, as I am aware we all have “dominant” sides. Out of four, Charlie is the only left-pawed cat, if I offer a toy she will always use her left!


    • They may well have dominant left-right preferences as we do. Or, if you’re right-handed and offering the toy with your right and facing her, it’s closest to her left paw. Try using your left and see if she crosses over to use her left or whether she uses her right for convenience.

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      • Been doing this on and off all day…she still uses her left paw and I’ve swapped it as per your suggestion! The others, apart from Tooty, remain resolutely right pawed, while Tooty actually will use either/or. Can cats be ambidextrous?


        • I would think they could be ambi–I am, except for a few things like writing that I only do competently right-handed. I figure cats can do more things than we can, so probably most can use both paws competently but still maintain a preference. I tried swinging a stuffed toy mouse over Effie while she was lying down, and she reached for it with her right with perfectly competent dexterity–so I guess she’s ambi–but she was lying on her left paw, so the right was more convenient to use. I’ve seen her field flying targets using both paws with equal competence.

          Cats also have three “hands” for grasping moving targets–two paws and their mouth!

          If we were school kids, we could team up and undertake a sophisticated study of the phenomenon for a science fair project!

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        • I think you could be on to something there! What percentage of the cat population are left/right pawed, whether left pawed cats are more creative…I actually have a book called”Why Cats Paint” with pictures done by various cats that their owners have sold!


        • Maybe we could get an international study funded!

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  3. Your poppies are beautiful, such a deep purple! Still not sure what mine are yet as they’re taking their time opening. Effie is left-pawed! So is Charlie!


    • It’s interesting a cat would have a preference–they’re so adroit with all their paws. Maybe the bug was on her left and it was simply a matter of convenience. I’m not sure at this point whether she consistently favors her left, or whether it simply is where something is that she wants. I’ll start observing more closely.

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