Digging and weighing

P1010922Effie investigated a small hole, one not deep enough for any sort of creature to use as a home or hideaway. She excavated it for several minutes before deciding sometimes a hole is just a hole. Cats have superhero sensory abilities, but they are blessed to have no sense of futility at all. They never give up; they simply lose interest.

P1010925As soon as I took out her scale and set it on the floor, Effie climbed right in and lay down, her paws tucked primly under her body like the most proper kitty. I went for my camera and returned to find her quite relaxed.



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21 responses to “Digging and weighing

  1. If only my two slept on a scale. They vet struggles with vet… Especially Nubia as she knows she is a bit on the chubby side lol


  2. Ha ha ha! As long as it does its proliferating in the neighbour’s garden out of feline reach…


  3. Mouse update…it ran out from the sofa, still no idea where it had been hiding, shot into the cat’s sleeping box where we caught it and returned it outside. No new sofa necessary!


    • Boon of boons! Congratulations!
      A mouse that would take a cat’s sleeping box for sanctuary isn’t likely awfully clever. . . .You were very kind to release it, as well as practical. It can go forth and proliferate the dumb gene ; )

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  4. Don’t think I’d be very pleased if Lily brought a gopher in…we’re still dealing with a mouse in the sofa she gifted us the other day…


  5. She’s adorable! I used to weigh Charlie every day when she was little, so she got quite used to sitting in the scales. We have an intriguing hole under the shed that the cats spend hours pushing their arms into…hope it’s not more mice! Lovely post, Effie looks beautiful!

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  6. Heidi


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