Neighbor Cat Halvor

P1010900HalvorNeighbor cat Halvor hangs out at our place a lot because we feed him, and he loves watching my husband work on various projects in his shop.

Halvor and Effie have yet to hit it off.   When our elderly, terminally ill indoor cat Coolidge was with us, we had always welcomed Halvor in the garden. When Coolidge passed and we adopted Effie nine months ago, we decided she could be outdoors with us with a halter and lead.  I wanted to make sure Halvor would not be competitive with Effie, but our new kitty was not a hit with the dominant male who was well over twice her weight. We made him remain outside the fence until we knew he’d accept the new mistress of what he considered his garden.

Effie wanted initially to be through-the-fence friends with Halvor, but Halvor hissed jealously. I would no longer permit him within the garden, but my husband and I remain his friends.  I suppose I would assess Halvor to be a companionable-feral type.

In addition to alienating Effie, Halvor has demonstrated genius as a catcher of gophers, a skill requiring a very great deal of patience. I actually think his greatest gift is his harvest moon tummy.


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22 responses to “Neighbor Cat Halvor

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  3. And such a cutie he is!

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  4. samanthamurdochblog

    Problem being every time I try to approach him he runs away and I have a suspicion he actually belongs to someone who just doesn’t care.


    • That’s hard. We have dog-at-large laws, but cats are free to roam. We fenced our garden against deer, coyotes, raccoons, and foxes, and we’re adding overhead netting to keep out raptor birds. The high fence keeps cats from letting themselves in, too. There are ways to make unwanted cats unwelcome–squirt guns, blowing a whistle, clapping and yelling at them–but nothing like that works when you’re not around.

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      • samanthamurdochblog

        Actually, that’s not a bad idea…our garden is big enough to take a cat run for Charlie, he doesn’t bother much with the other three. She’s more of a housecat and never wanders far, so that might suit her better and then she can always go for longer walks on her harness. I’ll mention that to my partner, he’s quite handy and always has timber lying around. Thank you! : )


    • P.S. I suppose there’s always the Kryptonite approach–toss a bucket of water at him, if you really don’t wish to negotiate a truce.

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  5. samanthamurdochblog

    Well, that I can understand, but it annoys and frustrates me that here people don’t care for their cats…they move and leave them behind. It’s not the animal’s fault but it has no right to consider our garden his.


    • It’s horrible to simply abandon a pet without provisions for its care. If a left-behind cat is intruding on your space, probably your equivalent of the Humane Society is the place to take him. Animals can’t apprehend our concept of private property; they are opportunistic foragers just trying to survive.


  6. samanthamurdochblog

    Cute cat but I’m not friends with gingers at the moment…we have a persistent stray who keeps bullying Charlie and he has definitely overstayed his welcome

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    • Hmm. . .sounds familiar. . .but Halvor adores my husband, and likes me well enough when I feed him. He was frequenting our grounds before Effie came; Coolidge was always indoors, and his health was declining. Halvor became my de facto companion cat, so he probably feels edged out by Effie.

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  7. Jane

    Adorable! And he’s displaying the ultimate sign of trust!

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