Through the grapevine and in the alfalfa

P1010881Through the grapevine

 P1010883Effie becomes transfixed with alfalfa–it’s so delicious!

 P1010884Alfalfa is conducive to reflection. . .


to deliberation. . .


to meditation. . .

P1010890and, it smells wonderful, too!

 P1010897sEven so. . .

P1010899Everything is always greener on the other side of the fence!



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6 responses to “Through the grapevine and in the alfalfa

  1. She looks so sweet, channelling her inner margay…did she take to her harness easily? It’s always useful, I find, if your cat will wear a harness, obviously for safety…Charlie sits for hers like a little dog!


    • She was a natural from the beginning at wearing it, but she still makes me get down to the floor to hook it on, even though it’s easy for to jump up on the counter!


  2. Heidi

    ❤ That last one is what I look like, pressing my nose against the windowpane.


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