Effie Highflyer’s Morning Leap

Even for Effie the Brave, the leap from the top of the 5′ 6″ – high refrigerator, across a 54″ gap, to the top of the 7′ 1″ – high pantry, is daunting. But it’s her morning leap, and she’s made it every time.

My steady-nerved husband captured the mid-air leap; I shot the post-landing “Well yeah” moment.

Effie leap




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18 responses to “Effie Highflyer’s Morning Leap

  1. What on earth!!! Even for a cat this is a hell of a long jump O.O


  2. Jane

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….Super Effie!

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  3. I like how you caught her mid-leap as well! I saw a programme that told you the science behind the vertical jumps they do, something to do with the flexible spine and where the shoulder blades are attached. Charlie is a shoulder rider and will quite happily jump straight at me…can be a little off-putting to people when I answer the door wearing a cat, her tail curled around my head like a furry bandana!


  4. She’s a real athlete! I love cats’ grace and elegance and how they make these leaps seem totally effortless!

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    • She actually even makes gearing-up moves and makes a visual assessment, looking up and down, before each take-off. It’s remarkable , the preparation for every jump. Cats are amazing, no question.

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