Effie: “We’ve got to get back to the garden!

Effie needs exercise of course, and a lot of it is accomplished indoors, with leaps over wide gaps between cabinet tops and such. But her outdoor time is dedicated more to showcasing her jungle genes: running up to and scaling posts, windsprints at birds, and lying in wait under cover.

P1010871Effie is quite fierce with what is available for gnashing in her jungle-dream world.

P1010877I suspect she finds her visibility frustrating.

P1010874Our first poppy of the year; thankfully, Effie takes no interest in poppies. . .

P1010852except as jungle cover.



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8 responses to “Effie: “We’ve got to get back to the garden!

  1. Yes I love the variety in tabby cats, my old one was grey/brown with white paws, but I love all my cats and tell the two black ones “The smallest feline is a masterpiece”!(Think that was Leonardo da Vinci)


  2. We also had a black (well,.very deep purple) poppy one year, that I hoped would self-seed and spread, but we never saw it again. My son and I saw a production of “Cats” a couple of years ago,but it felt really dated, even though the music was good. I have a Gumbie cat too!


  3. I love it when my cats do their mad dashes across the garden with their tails curled sideways! Effie has such a pretty face, and I like your poppy. Ours are just coming through now, mostly pink frilly ones…


    • Pink and frilly sound so pretty!
      Effie’s pretty face also has a vast repertoire of expressions! I think most cats do. She’s very much the Jennyanydots Gumbie cat of T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. I’ve taken to listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats in my Walkman to shut out the barking and leaf blowing noise when we’re outside. I love the songs.

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