Effie’s Happy Kitty Mom’s Day greeting

P1010820I wish a very happy Kitty Mom’s Day to all of you who care for kitties, and adore them, and feed them healthy delicious things, and play with them, and get them all their vaccinations, and keep them safe, and plant gardens for them, and  love them like crazy–even when they yowl incessantly and won’t tell you why because you’re supposed to know!

❤  Effie



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10 responses to “Effie’s Happy Kitty Mom’s Day greeting

  1. Happy belated Mother’s Day 🙂


  2. The o was a mistake stupid phone…what I meant to say was our household runs around the cats, even though we have a catflap, my tabby will sit and knock until someone opens the door for her!


  3. Lovely words, glad Effie appreciates you!

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