Variations on a dirt bath

Effie’s garden outings almost always include a dirt bath. I’m not sure why, but it’s likely a way of scratching her back effectively–and of ensuring that she’ll receive a comb-out when we go back indoors.

Today, while Effie lolled back in the wonderful dirt and grass, a very large raven flew overhead. He seemed to dip a bit directly over us, and Effie, missing nothing, dove under the step ladder next to my chair. I was in Europa mode per Arthur C. Clarke: “Attempt no landings here!” I was wishing we kept a three-foot-long two-by-four in the yard, for those just-in-case moments. But the raven cruised on, thoroughly unmissed.






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8 responses to “Variations on a dirt bath

  1. Chooks do it too. They do it to ‘clean’ themselves……and get rid of any mites and such. I’m sure Jamima would love a patch of dirt in our backyard but concrete is all we have……she gets what she can.


  2. I went back to the start of your blog…loving the adventures of Effie, she’s beautiful! You take some wonderful pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed reading up to the present day! Thank you : )


    • Dear woman! You deserve at least a two-week coffee break! 🙂 But seriously, I appreciate your diligence. I am thankful for your kind words after such an undertaking, as well. You are a reader of the sort writers wish were more prevalent in the population, and are practically unknown in the blog world. A writer yourself, you know that.

      Thank you, Samantha.

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