Effie, Queen of the Jungle

Effie is demonstrating knowledge of the boundaries of her off-lead excursions in the garden that is becoming Effieland. The high gates and overhead netting are not yet in place, but she has not made any moves to escape. The most she has done is push a bit on a closed gate–over which she is readily capable of jumping–and looking back to see whether I will open it for her. And I will, but first I attach her lead to her halter.  She appears very serene and secure in her dominion, while patrolling for bugs and chewing on wild grasses.

P1010734I am Euphemia, Queen of the Jungle, mistress of all I survey. . . .You may call me Effie.

P1010739 Hi up there, you in the chair!

P1010736 I have sunspots!

P1010733Let’s see what’s out there now.

P1010735 And a pleasant garden safari under a blue sky with swishy clouds was had by all!



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5 responses to “Effie, Queen of the Jungle

  1. Heidi

    I love your captions :-).

    Liked by 1 person

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