Spring contains the promise of resurrection

. . .and all manner of other good things.








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2 responses to “Spring contains the promise of resurrection

  1. I would so love for James Ma to be able to go out exploring however she does come when called & our visits are often greeted with a line like;”If you go around by the water tank be careful we have had a brown snake in that vicinity!” To which my response is”WTF! I’m not even going outside and off the varandah!” Hells NO! Take us back to the city! ASAP!


    • Effie is outside only with me, and always tethered with her halter. We have coyotes, foxes, and raccoons, and we’ve had a couple of gopher snakes sunning in our driveway, but none of those are out much during the day, and wouldn’t approach humans. The biggest menace Effie would face outdoors if she were alone is other cats–the tramp cats who roam and never get vaccinated.


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