Effie, Protectress of Chickens: A High-Action Back-Yard Drama

It was a warm and windy day. Effie was restless, and I had to take her out in wind gusting above 31 mph.

Suddenly, she bolted up the garden fence and looked like she was going to slip her halter and escape!

escape attemptI caught her up in time, but she really wanted to leave the garden. We left through the gate and she surprised me by turning toward the field at an unusually brisk trot. I held on to her lead and jogged up with her. She stopped at the chicken trailer. Then I saw what she saw.


P1010635 A dove had infiltrated the chickens’ coop; actually, they do this fairly often, but this time it particularly perturbed the hens. Effie glowered at the dove in a way that encouraged its departure.

vigil Our tabby heroine remained on vigil a minute or so; then, assured she had saved the helpless hens, she led our jog back down the hill and safely home. A good time was had by all, etc.


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6 responses to “Effie, Protectress of Chickens: A High-Action Back-Yard Drama

  1. Cats can make such great ‘Guard Cats’


  2. Jane

    Bravo, Effie!


  3. Heidi

    Hooray!! Doves prey mercilessly on chickens.


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