Effie on Green Towel, with Mouse

P1010605I’ve been placing the green towel on the bed and Effie now races onto it for her combing time. Formerly she hated combing, but her vanity prevailed; or, perhaps she simply realized that she actually likes the sensation of being combed. Whatever changed her perception of the simple daily combing activity, she now does ecstasy rolls on the towel when the comb comes out.

I’d already combed her a few times during the day, and decided to let the towel double as a place to play. I placed her towel on the floor and tossed her mouse on it.  Here she is, alert after a series of ecstasy rolls and shredding her mouse with her mighty back claws, shortly before settling down contentedly on her towel for a nap.



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8 responses to “Effie on Green Towel, with Mouse

  1. Ha ha! No, I escape that! My partner sleeps with his foot out of the bed and has suffered many a bitten toe…


  2. My two younger ones don’t seem to have quite the finesse of the big girls yet…my Siamese had been rolling in sawdust today, and left a little trail wherever she went!


    • Effie would be squatting or turning or whatever it took to clean herself off. She still likes being combed, though, and it’s the most effective way to remove bits of grass from her fur.

      She’s very sweet natured all in all. I just don’t get why she scratches me and leaves tiny teeth marks all over me at night while I’m asleep! She doesn’t do this to my husband–but he has tougher skin.


  3. My girls don’t like being brushed…going to try the mouse bribe!


    • The mouse is just there, really. Effie loves her combing time! I think it’s vanity–she grooms herself constantly–really–she’ll clean her paws or her ears or behind while she’s engaged with something entirely else. But how much more might it serve her vanity if I groom her?

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  4. Jane

    How chic of Effie to be sure that the towel chosen for her matches her eyes.


    • Yes, it could seem a bit uncanny–though the towel has been with us several years longer than she has. It’s the last relic of our Green Era. Good thing we kept it! We switched to Salmon–not at all a good eye color!


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