Somewhere between fatigue and malaise that thankfully is diminishing, a sense of resettling and restoration of my routine is returning. My routine is more essential to my self-image than I supposed. The Accident stayed on Replay longer than I would have supposed as well. At some point I knew I had reached resolution and acceptance. My insurer sold my Audi at auction to a scrapper. I now have a Ford SUV nine years newer, with 61,000 fewer miles than the Audi. I like the Ford quite well; she handles as well as my Audi and is just as comfortable. Old biases aren’t always fade-proof.

The task-challenging pain in my spine and elbows is letting up as well, probably because my presence of mind is returning and I can remember to take my simple OTC NSAIDs twice a day. Somehow pain isn’t always a sufficiently effectual reminder.

I felt settled at the beginning of last week, acquiring my new vehicle registration and license plates at our local courthouse. My new car’s title will arrive shortly from Olympia.

Effie knows nothing of any of this; she never skips a beat in her routine, and will brook no disruption of her routine on my part. She has rights, and she knows it. All cats are born with this inherent knowledge, and adhesion clauses kick in when a cat accepts any sort of relationship with a human.

Speaking of Effie, here’s a pensive Effie fix for her friends. She was a bit put out that I interrupted her as she was washing her ears. . . .









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3 responses to “Aftermath

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  2. Heidi

    I’m so glad for this update, and the picture of Effie! It is so very hard when presence of mind is shattered. Love and prayers.


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