A discommoding event

The impact of the 80-year-old man’s truck with my 4,600-pound Audi Allroad was other-worldly. My husband focused his evasive maneuvers so that the inevitable impact would be with our right rear quarter panel, instead of my door. The maneuver was successful. Then the impact spun the rear end of our station wagon into a high curb. I screamed at both impacts. Neither injury nor death entered my mind; my entire being was focused only on the horrible spinning, which likely lasted less than a few seconds, that needed to stop.

The 80-year-old man told both me and the deputy sheriff who rushed to the scene that he didn’t see the stop sign. The stop sign enjoys unimpaired visibility at the intersection of one of the city’s quietest streets and the arterial connecting the city limits with the rural county sector, where more people live than live in the city.

When everything stopped, we got out to see the damage. If my passenger door had received the impact instead of the quarter panel behind me. . .I didn’t want to think about the consequences of the outcome my husband skillfully averted, and I still don’t.

My car’s rear frame was almost certainly twisted, given the torqued rear-passenger wheel, but we’ll know for certain Monday or soon after, when our auto body expert assesses the damage. A twisted frame will nearly always invoke the “T” word: T as in Total. This is not a word I ever expected to hear in reference to my beautiful Grünhilde. I expected to grow older than this together. But I am surely thankful for God’s mercy to me.

The Sheriff’s deputy cited the 80-year-old man with failure to yield right of way and failure to obey a traffic control device. A wonderful couple who had been behind the cited driver approached the deputy and my husband and me and gave us their names, addresses, and phone numbers, and assured us they had seen the collision and that they would most certainly be available as witnesses. I was so touched by their kind approach and their diligent sense of duty that I hugged the woman.

The deputy gave us a ride home. Before anything else, I greeted our cat Effie, who was stretched out on the bed awaiting a tummy rub. Then I said through welling tears, “Effie, praise God we still have you!”

We called our insurer’s claims department and gave the details, and then took my husband’s truck to complete our original Walmart mission, and picked up my rental car.

I hope Grünie can be restored to her high-functioning, well-maintained, beautiful self. If that is not to be, I hope she has a doppelgänger somewhere not very far off, with my name on it.


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10 responses to “A discommoding event

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  2. Laura

    Oh my. I’m sorry that this happened, but so grateful for all the providential details for your protection and comfort after the accident. Praying that you recover from the shake-up soon, and that the new car shopping process isn’t so painful. I was surprised how much nostalgia and grief-like feelings accompanied the totaling of M’s car, which gave us trouble for much of its 7-year-life, quite apart from the nervewracking sight of damage to all the doors surrounding the driver’s…very thankful you are both okay.


    • Thank you, Laura. ❤

      Today we're retrieving stuff from G's glove compartment. . .the grief is manifesting more like shock now. I forget I just did something and go to do it and don't quite understand how it got done. . .


  3. Heidi

    I’m so very glad you’re safe. I will definitely be praying for things related to the car and related anxiety. I hope you aren’t wildly sore today, my L. Love.


  4. Yikes, so sorry to read of this, Lauren! It’s good there are no injuries, but still, going through that will leave a person shaken up! I hope there’s a way your vehicle can be restored, as fast as possible.


    • The anxiety hit around 1 A.M. this morning, Leah, but in light of the good things, like no one being hurt and the confused fellow still having insurance that’s paying for the rental, we have much to be thankful for.

      Realistically, my car will almost inevitably be totaled; and if it is, there are still cars like her in the world. 🙂

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  5. Dave Wood

    Sounds so much like our accident. 🙂 Fortunately, no broken ribs for either of you. We are blessed to live in an ordered society and to have resources that minimize the impact something like this could have on one’s life.


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