Effie in context

I think cats, while having their own purposes proclaiming their significance to Creation, also have the knack of reflecting the strange beings fortunate enough to house, feed, and engage them in play. Cats are entertaining; they also desire to be entertained–and they become bored easily. Effie is especially quick to let on she has become bored. She walks off, turns her head, and lets me know she’d rather be napping, or looking out a window, or turning on a faucet.  She absolutely loves lever faucets, because she can turn them on with a quick head butt. She seems not to realize they turn off just as easily, nor does she care. She has no desire to turn off running water, nor any notion why she should.

Turning on faucets, watching birds and bugs, snubbing cats who stop by on their neighbor hood rounds, migrating from window to window, chasing mouses I throw for her to chase, shred, and hide–these things of life require practiced, accomplished relaxing for which specialized furnishings and accessories are de rigueur.





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