Effie, your hair, your HAIR. . .

This is a potential biohazard, a menace, a would-be hairball. It’s spring, and even the shortest shorthairs are shedding.

I laid the combings out in rolags, and estimated Effie’s excess hair could probably be spun into a couple of yards of very allergenic yarn. Her hair is grey, peach, and cream, but all blends to grey when she’s combed.

During the murder trial I attended last week, an expert DNA analyst discussed DNA shedders, people whose every cell drops gobs of detectable identifying evidence. Effie probably should avoid becoming a criminal suspect.




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7 responses to “Effie, your hair, your HAIR. . .

    • I know. . .We’ve moved up to daily combing. She is not thrilled, but happily her vanity makes it possible.

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      • LOL. Have you ever tried a zoom groom? Even me groom grump Oli likes that one.


        • Yes! But it removes only superficial hair from the surface and then wants to bond the hair to the rubber forever. The comb is effective and quick, and the teeth are rounded and nylon, and I honestly prefer it. The Zoom Groom bugs her just as much anyway! 🙂

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        • Ah we managed to get Oliver used to grooming with a regular come by using the zoom groom for a few months. He saw that one more of a massage kind of thing lol


        • Effie is getting used to the comb–I consider it a miracle. She doesn’t like it near her face–not a shaggy area–or anywhere near her tail–a decidedly hairy (for her) area. 😐

          The new frontier: I’m trying to get her used to the idea of having her teeth brushed, either with a finger brush or a handle one. So far she’s having none of it. Her breath is sweet, so this isn’t the hill any of us needs to die on.

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        • Teeth brushing… We are meant to do this with Nubia. No chance. 😐


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