Normalcy on the lam and back

I sat in this week on the trial of a man accused of Rape in the First Degree and Murder in the First Degree of a 69-year-old woman. This was my county’s first murder trial of the century; the last was is 1998. The crime occurred in November 2014. It took more than a year to acquire all the evidence, witnesses, experts, etc. necessary to bring the case to trial. The trial was scheduled to take five days, but it ended at 3:30 p.m. on day four.

My husband was the attorney representing the defendant. After hearing four days of testimony from witnesses and experts, the jury deliberated a bit less than an hour before delivering its verdict.

The jury’s finding of guilt on both counts charged was not unexpected; nor, in my opinion, was it unduly hasty. When there simply is no credible evidence to support the contrary, it is reasonable to find concurrence around what is credible, namely a fair amount of plausible factual evidence.

Although I am stiff and exhausted from four days of bench sitting, Effie posing as the very image of sweet normalcy champions the possibility that such a thing as normalcy is possible.





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4 responses to “Normalcy on the lam and back

  1. Laura

    I was thinking of you all week and praying for mental and physical strength…so glad Effie is there as a reminder of the good that remains in creation, keeping us company as we all wait for redemption.


  2. Heidi

    Thank God for a just , careful process with fair legal representation and a just outcome. And for normalcy with Vic and Effie. Love.

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