Rhapsody in green, and lilac buds

It’s unusual:  We’ve had snow and hail, rain and sun, all in our “cold semi-arid steppe” climate at 1,300 ft. above sea level, and all in the first three weeks of January.

We have lilac buds. Green grass has sprouted in yards and on the hills, but this is not unusual; we have always had to mow in January.

Effie chomps at dry stalks and dead vines, doubtless looking forward to the new catnip crop. In the meantime, Bluebunch wheatgrass satisfies her greentooth.


P1010386Lilac buds on north side of our house, and Effie

P1010389Lilac buds on west side of our house

P1010390Last season’s millet is okay as a preview of returning attractions. . .


but Bluebunch wheatgrass is Rhapsody in Green


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