Heller Bar’s Two Rivers

Today was a court holiday, and my husband took an unusual day off from meeting with clients, as well. He worked in the morning on the dory he’s building, and made good progress toward attaching the boat’s bottom, while I completed my usual routine of Monday homekeeping tasks.

By mid-afternoon, my husband was eager to visit a beautiful stretch of the Snake River south of Asotin, at its confluence with the Grande Ronde River, which has its source in Northeastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains. The general area is called Heller’s Bar. We have visited the area several times, and I was totally up for the excursion. I love the area, and it seemed good to preview what might well be the site of the new dory’s maiden launch.

confluence1Confluence of the Grande Ronde and Snake Rivers

confluence2Another view of the Confluence

Grande Ronde1The Grande Ronde

Grande Ronde2The Grande Ronde

Grande Ronde3The tree seems to direct the way of the River’s flow.

Elk3We saw elk up the canyon, about two miles away. My husband took this photo with his camera’s superior-being telephoto.

Girl back homeAnd Effie, the girl waiting back home.

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