Slow day, comfy day

When I think about what must be the greatest contribution of any field of science, I would have to say the improved antihistamines and decongestants, an incredible boon from pharmacology. Thanks to the tireless research of the pharmaceutical industry, life goes more pleasantly on than it did formerly when a sinus infection alighted. It’s Day 3, and I can see this trespasser being thwacked silly by Day 4, and  vanquished by Day 5. Already, my sore throat is gone, and I can breathe, and even speak audibly without coughing.

Effie and I are having a quiet day of it. As we stood in the yard, big, fluffy snowflakes were falling; they looked like manna .


I am reading an engaging book on my Kindle. . .


while Effie takes in a couple of flicks.




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2 responses to “Slow day, comfy day

  1. Heidi

    I’m so glad about the sinus help. I just adore Effie. She’s my favorite internet animal.

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