Effie and the Mouse Drawer: The Movie

Bag Star Wars. For a big-screen season spectacular, here’s Effie, opening my desk drawer and selecting a new mouse after losing the one she retrieved a day earlier. I implemented the Mouse Drawer because it is so much easier than retrieving her errant mouses from beneath cabinets, organ pedal boards, etc. Besides, the drawer is the most appropriately advanced toy I have found for our genius kitty.


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6 responses to “Effie and the Mouse Drawer: The Movie

  1. I’ll have to remember that for Gwennie. She’s always getting her puff balls stuck under the furniture.


  2. RVB

    That’s a remarkable series. Effie is very clever! (And apparently not camera-shy).


  3. Heidi

    I laughed, I wept, I shook with suppressed emotions. But I mostly giggled. I just adore it. The best film of the year.


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