“Prairie typhoon?”

prairie typhoon

However misleading or inaccurate it may be for our weather media to style the 40 mph wind storming across the Columbia Basin prairie as a “typhoon,” I am enjoying the storm’s sound, and its strength, and its beauty.

I watched a tree limb on our dying poplar hover, swing, and fall, in brief sequence. I was glad that it fell at the edge of our property and not across our driveway, as I had an errand.

Whoa: the first flicker of lights; don’t do that. . .

On my way to town, I saw a woman working on her knees, in her yard, clawing the ground with a hand tool, under a tree. . . .

When I arrived home, I saw that one of the hatches of the chickens’ ark had blown open. Heart in mouth, I looked inside and found our six hens hunkered together and safe, and I managed to get the hatches latched.

Just Another Beautiful Day in Happy Valley. . .


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