Effie’s ghost game

I honestly have some reservations about Effie’s fascination with the laser pointer. We’re careful not to point it at her eyes, but I’m not sure she should be quite so obsessed with chasing down something ephemeral, ever hopeful of clutching the non-physical point of light. The moving light speck does get her running, and she chases it throughout the house and up the walls a couple of feet as I walk ahead of her, pointing it in all directions. But I still think a self-respecting cat needs to pounce on objects inherent in physical reality, and shred them to death. I would welcome input from other cat people.




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8 responses to “Effie’s ghost game

  1. Awwww oli does that too at times haha


  2. Jane

    My cat’s all time favorite toy is a bedraggled mass of feathers tied together and attached to a wand that I hold. At eleven years of age he chases, swoops, jumps and runs after it like a kitten. Movement of the “prey” excites him instinctively and he loves it! It’s the way God made cats, and if he can’t chase real life mice, etc it’s my privilege to provide for him the next best thing. He needs the exercise, and helps keep him from boredom as an indoor cat. A laser is a great idea as well.


    • Effie jumps several feet in the air and even somersaults–you’re right, our cats need engagement. Material or light wave–it doesn’t make much difference. The laser engages visual stimulus and just as much action. But those paws were made for shredding. 🙂


  3. Heidi, I was just outdoors with Effie; we were up in the field, and I was watching her eating some oat grass–and “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8) streaked into my mind (like a laser beam!). TASTE and SEE are actions that are only possible in physical reality. Physicality inheres in nature, in our natures and in Nature external to us, and simply cannot be discounted. But Effie can see the light speck, and we can’t taste everything we can see, and we can’t really know how cats apprehend things like light specks. . . .


  4. Heidi

    I don’t know enough to opine except that the picture is adorable. And I was thinking, reading what you said, that humans need to be chasing objects inherent in physical reality (we’re much more susceptible than cats to pursuing fleeting apparitions).

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