Here stands our cornerpost, a boundary marker, to which a fence eventually will attach. My husband had to pick-dig through basalt to plant the post. A cornerpost is an emblem of private property, the right to exclude others, an adjunct of privacy essential to civilization. I love the way Effie appears to revere it!

Actually, we plan a perimeter fence, in case we decide to follow through with an incipient aspiration to aquire a couple of alpacas. My friend Nancy has visited some alpaca farms, and she reports that these lovely animals look to heaven and actually hum while they ruminate their cud. I can’t imagine a more gracious way for any creature to express praise and gratitude to its creator.

Note: I took the lexical liberty of making cornerpost one word, although not specifically sanctioned by Webster, because I think cornerpost is as competent and necessary a word as cornerstone.


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