The day’s observations in (very) brief

Observation #1. Heidi’s recent post on her blog synthesizes some things all Americans—and all who are not Americans but who think they like us, or wonder why specifically they do not like us—should probably understand. When it comes to presumptive morality, economic freedom, justice, ethics, privacy and who and under what circumstances they should have a smidge of it—much is made of the viewpoints of the major political parties. And this is scarcely odd because, parties have no capacity to have viewpoints. They tout “party spirit.” American politics are brimming with party spirit, and utterly void of distinctives. End for now of Observation #1.

Observation #2. I find it curious that Effie seems to love nibbling Russian thistles almost as much as millet. My husband’s theory is that she enjoys the thistles for their artichoke flavor. I remain skeptical; I’m not so sure cats have an affinity for artichokes, but maybe it’s an acquired taste. I will continue to observe this; it’s kind of adorably bucolic. (Effie refused to nibble thistles when I brought my camera.) P1000639R


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