Lost Mouses Alert

Effie with White Mouse

Effie with White Mouse

I’m pretty sure every cat person knows about IDM—Inter-Dimensional Migration. Sometimes cats themselves do this, but more frequently, they send their favorite toys through IDM channels. No one knows for certain how or why. I can deduce only one reason for this behavior: to make us nuts.

Effie’s new faux buckskin mouse and her new faux fur grey mouse, both purchased yesterday, have gone missing. I never should have given them both to her to play with at the same time, but her boredom threshold is quite low, as is the tendency with very kinetic cats. She misses them, at least intermittently; her white mouse is not as well favored, even though he has the same rattle and catnip stuffing. I think she holds it against the white mouse that I can find it more easily.

I had feared that the mouses were being held for a huge bounty aboard the Millennium Falcon, but no one has seen Han Solo in the area for decades.

I suspect that if we ever move the stove or the organ, the joyful bounty of two dusty mouses with rattles and desiccated catnip stuffing will still gladden Effie’s heart. For now, she is fully engaged with chasing a fly.


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4 responses to “Lost Mouses Alert

  1. It’s always the favourite toy that goes missing…


  2. mo

    Under the couch, under the rocker, under the bed, behind the dresser, under the buffet in the dining room…………if I found all of Mr. B.’s toys they would fill a large tote bag I’m sure.


    • Mo! I was just logging on to report: I just found both mouses under a fairly low-clearance storage cabinet in Vic’s study. I had mistaken them for dust bunnies on my first look-under!

      At least we know Effie isn’t into New Physics; I just need a brighter flashlight. . . .


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