Effie’s Field Trip

Okay, I think it’s a hassle for people to click on a series of thumbnail photos to get more visible-size photos, so I made a video of the same images. The captions blend a bit with the scenery, but if you click on full-screen, they’re easily visible. If you have a preference for thumbnail gallery or video, I’d be grateful if you would let me know. For now, I’m thinking of continuing to arrange photos in video format for simplicity of viewing.


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4 responses to “Effie’s Field Trip

  1. Heidi

    I have no trouble with photos either, and they come into the email posts beautifully — not thumbnail size but fitted to the text box. I enjoy videos too though! But I love to get whatever is most convenient — or perhaps most enjoyable — for you to create.


    • They are equally enjoyable to create; the video or slide show is more work, and captions are a clumsy process with WLMM. The advantage of the latter is that it is not subject to a WordPress MB limit, because it is hosted offsite, while photos are hosted by WordPress. But I have over 60% of my space allotment remaining after five years–though this year has been more photo-intensive. So those are the considerations, amiga, along with readers’ thoughts.


  2. middings

    I’ve never had a problem viewing the photos you post. My internet hates videos, though. I may or may not get to watch them, depending on the mood of our internet connection. We thought about switching servers in the past, but everyone was either out of our budget or out of our service range. I may do a little poking around again and see if anything has changed.


    • Thanks for the input.

      Limits abound: I can’t post any comments on a Blogger blog anymore. It’s one of the divorce terms of Goole-minus for opting out of Google+.


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