Tousled blond rye, and other beauties of Wawawi

Located in Whitman County, Washington, Wawawi County Park is my nominee for the most beautiful county park anywhere. But I favor subtle places that don’t need dramatic features to narrate their quiet beauty.

P1000176 from Steptoe Cyn Rd 6.20.15
Lower Snake River Canyon from Steptoe Canyon Road, on the way to Wawawi

P1000164 riverboat 6.20.15
American Empress

P1000166 osprey srcyn 6.20.15
An osprey surveys the vastness of his holdings

P1000165 SRCyn 6.20.15
Snake River Canyon from Steptoe Canyon Road

P1000172 Wawawi 6.20.15
A view from the trail

P1000180 silver sage 6.20.15
Silver sage

P1000171 thistle 6.20.15

P1000175 blackberries Wawawi 6.20.15
Blackberry promises

P1000173 tousled blond rye
Tousled blond rye

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