Ernie plays in a steel drum band!

In my dreams, we ship Ernie off to Westlake Square, where he is the first mouse ever recruited to join a steel drum band.

Three Ernies before him this week succumbed to spring traps where they practiced on our furnace vents, day and night. We really aren’t horrible; the space is simply too tight for a Have-a-Heart trap. Before we replaced the original plastic vents with steel, the first resourceful Ernie gnawed his way into a vent, into the furnace, and into the house. It was his final Very Bad Idea. After that, we acquired a H-a-H, from which I released Ernie II in a pleasant picnic ground some miles away. But the current steel-thwarted Ernie generation will see no picnic park.

Coolidge seems to be rallying on the weight front; he lost just two ounces last week, after losing three to four in previous weeks. He has gained back a full ounce in three days. Unfortunately, but we knew inevitably, his glucose numbers make it clear that feline endocrine systems, like human ones, remind us that this side of glory is whacked—sin-whacked. Diabetes, which will not exist in fully redeemed creation, is a disease, and disease is disorder. Health conducive to ongoing survival is ordered. Redeemed creation is ordered. But for now, our cat’s health is not ordered, and hasn’t been for nine of his nearly 17 years. Eh bien, nous continuons. . . .

The first two of the first daffodils we have planted at our present house came into bloom today: a cheery sight. They are such complex life forms, and will spend so little time with us! What a gracious boon it is to have them here!

Miracles of God’s grace abound in our midst. Our cat continually keeps us mindful that our times are in God’s hands alone; the complex frailty of a daffodil; a mouse who persuades me to imagine he aspires to play in a steel drum band. . .

0326151329 first daff 2015


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