The word “revive” occurs 10 times in the 119th Psalm; reading the 176-verse Psalm, I thought the Psalmist would have used it more. In any case, God’s promises of reviving us from dispiritedness, upheaval, low times, and ultimately, from death, are sure.

As I read through Isaiah, it is reviving for me to review how much worse everything that I think needs reviving could actually be. The first time I read through Isaiah, about 14 years ago, I was enthralled with the take-down by the Angel of the Lord of 185,000 Assyrians (37:36). I scrawled “Dude!” in the margin of my Bible.

I daily check off new side effects that beset my systems in response to a new medication. But hey–none of them is in the “call your doctor if” column!

Our vacuum cleaner sounds like it has a dying elephant in its motor. I’m not sure yet how the upside of this will pan out. . . but my very dear friend honored me with the epithet “oasis” today, in reference to our near-daily correspondence, improving my perspective immeasurably. We have our faith perspective in common, as well as time of life, health concerns, and anxiety; and we are both blessed with having devoted, level-headed husbands. Mere weak mortal women that we are, we revive one another by our Lord’s grace.

Palm oasis


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