Give me Christmas at home any time

Highlights of my best Christmas ever:

My husband’s cataract surgery the day before Christmas Eve went extremely well. Even with a two-hour delay in another patient’s procedure ahead of his, our excellent surgeon completed Vic’s laser surgery before 2 p.m., enabling me to drive us home from Moscow with a little daylight to spare. He chose to forego anesthesia and did fine. Pressure is normal and inflammation is gone. He was on the surgery bed a scant half hour, and got off coherent and conversational.

I enjoyed our cheery call with my mum-in-law, and with my daughter and grand-daughter, and my sister. It’s rare that we’re able to connect with family in Oregon, Alaska, and Connecticut within a day. Next time we’ll have to add Vic’s sisters in Seattle and Montana.

We loved all our presents, and everyone loved our gifts to them. Vic and I have a perfect way of ensuring this. We authorize one another to get ourselves what we want. My mum-in-law loves what I pick out for her, and I assure her that her chocolate-raspberry jam is always in style at our house when she asks what she can send us.

See how easy Christmas can be?


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