Does this cup look worth $0.27 to you?–UPDATE! Charge for water cup is Albertson’s policy, not Starbucks


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I uncharacteristically forgot to take my water when I headed out to the grocery store yesterday. I realized I’d left it behind when I was halfway there, and thought how nice it was that I could get some water from the nice barista in the Albertson’s Starbucks. But the nice barista who knows me wasn’t there, or she might have given me one last water with a warning of the change, knowing that I usually have my own cup. I needed water and I paid for the cup. If I’d had my cup, I’d have had my water, and would have received a free refill, had I needed it.

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I spoke with an employee of my local Albertson’s Starbucks kiosk today, October 13, and the employee, mortified by the volume of disgruntled feedback from customers–including Albertson’s employees, who also have to pay for water if they need a cup–clarified that Starbucks does not charge for cups of water–Albertson’s does, as does, the employee believes, Safeway, a recent Albertson’s acquisition.


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2 responses to “Does this cup look worth $0.27 to you?–UPDATE! Charge for water cup is Albertson’s policy, not Starbucks

  1. DPPA

    my 3 year old son was very thirsty while shopping, i asked for a cup of ice water for him while he was waiting in the car with his grandparents. they said it would be $.27… unbelievable


    • I usually carry my travel mug of water because I need it driving anyway, but I forgot it that day. I thought the charge was a pretty insulting penalty. But for other reasons, I quit shopping at Albertson’s because, believe it or not, Walmart is nicer to their customers–and they give you free water–in a CUP no less!

      Thanks for stopping by; have a blessed holiday!


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