another night, another storm

Lightning flashes, a relentless beacon dancing to thunder. Our screen door thwacks shut—it opened itself, boosted by a mere 20 mph gust of wind. My husband has fortified our 2-1/2-year-old Andersen door’s steel closer bracket four times. This time he removed the door closer and locked the door; he will find a new solution, but not a drastic one. We like the door.

Monday night our anemometer recorded a gust of 44.1. Wind chases dust, doors, and rain; it bows 7-foot-high sunflowers and cornstalks. Thankfully, wind changes direction here with fair constancy, and restores sunflowers and corn to their vertical stature.

The Big Cougar fire is well under control, 80% contained. The Johnson Bar fire, halfway between Lewiston and Missoula, is nowhere near us. The smoke is gone; only storm clouds now shroud the basalt hills.

It’s been kind of a day: pleasant–even if it now seems long– salted with wearying tasks, and brightened with fruitful errands. I love falling asleep to thunder.


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3 responses to “another night, another storm

  1. Sally Yung

    There was heavy rain in Rochester, MN on Sunday night with lots of lightnings.  I was there for 10 days.  Prior to the day of departure, I experienced seeing the downpour.

    Have you heard of Edith and Francis Schaeffer?  They were founders of L’Abri Fellowship and I was at one of the “shelters” in Rochester.  It was a blessed time. Rochester L’Abri is a beautiful with woods for walks. If you would be nearby, do visit it.  Each year in February there would be L’Abri Conference with seminars relevant to Christian life and people from all over the States to attend.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer.


    Sally Yung 


    • Sally, thank you; I rejoice at your lovely time at L’Abri-Rochester.

      I do enjoy our summers, which for the most part here in Eastern Washington, are dry and hot. I also appreciate the storms that reduce temperatures to the mere high 80s. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by; it’s been a while!


  2. Jane

    I wish we could have some of your thunder–here in our neck of the woods it’s muggy and uncomfortable, and never seems to bring the relief or a clearing of the air with a refreshing storm. Maybe tonight….


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