on the road again

Grünhilde is road-ready; she’s-up and running, with a whole new engine with new heads, new timing belt, new gaskets on her turbochargers, valve lapping, rebuilt windshield reservoir (the front windshield spray had never before worked and now does), and new hoses and connectors. . .and she is undergirded with a whole new front drive axle, and the other front drive axle has new boots. FLOTUS Michelle O has probably never had such a comprehensive spa retreat.

All totaled, my husband worked about 50 consecutive evenings and six Saturdays on Grünie’s makeover. He ran all her codes this evening to make sure all the things that could trigger alerts are not triggering alerts, but are peacefully running correctly. She is so much smarter than any smartphone. She runs superbly; she runs like who she is, my Audi Allroad space pod.

Our sunflowers, now all in bloom, have doubled in height since the engine rebuild commenced.

We did our two-car motorcade to Lewiston this afternoon to return the rental car. Judy, the manager, knocked $1/day off the tab—a $47 discount. Forty-seven days, and I waited a few days before acquiescing to rent a car. Where we live, I need a car. Judy was so terrific to me, actually acquiring a car from the company’s sales lot for the rental fleet, because she had no other car available when I needed one. Judy and I hugged goodbye.

The supermoon rose just after my husband put away his tools. It’s pretty anticlimactic in my phone camera’s long-range view, but a full moon on a summer evening is—well, a full moon on a summer evening.

Supermoon over Rabbitbrush

Supermoon over Rabbitbrush

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