Joseph Creek

No matter how agreeable our home and its environs are, I am certain that road trips will always be necessary for our sustenance. The countryside within about three-quarters of an hour’s drive has different history, different plants, a different river, and different nutrients that feed our souls, that all are excellent and even necessary in moderation. Of course we can’t take a road trip every day, but my husband’s and my road-trip clocks are pretty well synchronized.

Today’s local outback venture was the area where Joseph Creek flows into the Grande Ronde River, a tributary of the Snake River. Lots of purposeful fishermen were out, presumably aspiring to hook bass; during other seasons, sturgeon, salmon, and steelhead lure anglers, solo and with tours. Vic and I scanned the high canyon for Bighorn sheep, but didn’t see any. We did discover Prairie clover, with its fetching purple blossoms. We’ll return at summer’s end and gather some seeds to plant among our sanfoin.


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