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Besides coping with an acyclovir side-effect (pharmaceutical producers like to call these “effects the product is not marketed to produce”) last Saturday, I responded with more exuberance than I thought I had to my husband’s proposal that we go to Wawawai. The pleasant Whitman County destination is for us just a half-hour’s drive, and features a moderate walk in view of always-beautiful Snake River Canyon.

Wawawai, which meant “council grounds” to its early inhabitants, the Nez Perce people, became an orchard community and was later flooded to develop Lower Granite Dam. I wrote a blog account last May when we first visited Wawawai; I see from my former account that lupines were in bloom; they weren’t up to it this early. We enjoyed a happy time there, walking around looking at the bunchgrasses, thistle skeletons, and arrowleaf balsamroot flowers.

Bluebunch wheatgrass, the real State Grass of Washington State

The real State Grass of Washington State: Bluebunch wheatgrass

Thistle "skeletons"

Thistle “skeletons”

 Arrowleaf balsamroot

Arrowleaf balsamroot

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