Late afternoon along Meyer Ridge Road

Vic took out the Gazetteer after lunch and Meyer Ridge looked pleasantly doable for a scenic mid-afternoon drive. We were turned back from the same destination a couple of years ago, by impressively deep mid-winter mud; but today the primitive roads were dry and the air was temperate, even in the wind.

We drove about 25 minutes southwest to arrive atop Meyer Ridge. It’s prairie and canyon country, some of it privately owned and actively farmed, and a larger portion a designated State Wildlife Area, requiring a Discover Pass for access. Compliant citizens that we are, we suspended our Discover Pass from our rearview mirror for all to see; we saw no one, not even a drone overhead.

We saw no wildlife, but some cows with very cute calves seemed pleased to show them off. I’ve generally found Herefords to be quite sociable.

Sprouted winter wheat is low and green–almost impossibly green–but stubble still dominates the spring fields.

0323141510 George Creek Gulch

0323141520 Pintler Creek Gulch

0323141531 George Creek Gulch

0323141532 George Creek Gulch

0323141542 Pintler Creek Gulch

0323141556 Great Basin Wild Rye in the Wind

0323141602 Old combine

0323141605 50s implements

0323141605a 50s implements graveyard

0323141606 Bluebunch Wheatgrass is the State Grass of Washington

0323141614 cows

0323141628 Pintler Creek


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