Another harrowing update

OK, so the UPS truck pulls up and hands over the package like nothing was ever the matter. When the kid apprentice finally turned off his ghetto-blaster phone, the real driver looked ready to explain. He was up to speed on the commotion because he’d been sent a text asking whether our package was on board and he had replied that it wasn’t. The driver had no idea our package was on his truck because it had not been physically scanned. He found it as the scanned packages were delivered and it finally appeared. End of UPS story.

The pharmacy, on the other hand, apparently either failed to increase the formula’s concentration, or failed to increase the volume of the formulation. Their instructions are “for 30 days,” but they sent only a 15-day supply.

The fun never sets. I’m sure that I was charged for a 30-day supply (or their price has doubled in the past two weeks). And, in order to avoid expedited service charges, I’ll need my vet to order a refill every week to give the pharmacy their five-day lead time so that we don’t run out, and I can get free shipping.

I think the necessity of weekly refill calls might inspire my vet to locate a satisfactory source that doesn’t require a Phoenix-Ontario-Spokane-Lewiston circuit. It’s just too dizzying a calamity course. And, if it turns out that the pharmacy did actually prepare the wrong concentration, I think she’ll dump them for incompetence.

I can only hope there’s something better nearer. I’d love to do the local axiom thing, and “Buy Valley.” Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

At least here in the Lewis-Clark Valley, “Merry Christmas!” is still spoken.


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