Thankful tidings! A certain resilient cat has resumed eating his canned food—the low-carb, grain-free, gluten-free food that keeps him from gaining excessive weight and has made his diabetes management possible.

He accepted some Beast (< Fancy Beast < Fancy Feast) via handfeeding, and then tucked into it on his own. I have never been happier to be wakened at 4 AM to replenish his food than I was this morning. What a relief!

We have no way to know whether Coolidge’s restored appetite is due to the antibiotic injection kicking in, or to switching the delivery system of his thyroid meds from oral to transdermal. He’ll have another u/a next week to check the status of his UTI, and a blood test to check his thyroid level. He is definitely a much happier and brighter-eyed fellow than he was two days ago.

Of course, we remain vigilant, given Coolidge’s age and health status. But one more time, the emergency is deferred. I’m grateful for the meaningful support of true friends when my apprehension was coming close to despair. Murphy, Maddy, and Lily know whom I mean.



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2 responses to “Gaining

  1. Jane

    Great news! We rejoice with you.


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