small disruptions

I generally try not to interrupt my crunched Wednesday dusting schedule, but I really must chronicle the landfill happenings while they remain fresh in my overtired mind. I wish my mind were overtired due to extraordinary volumes of fruitful mental output; but I’m afraid it’s not that or anything of the sort, but the simple exhaustion that inevitably sets in when one gets no sleep. In this case, I am that one, and I hand off the affliction on my husband so he can share the experience and perhaps Do Something About It.

But he has made persuasive attempts, explaining to a County Operations Overseer or someone like that, the effects on our sleep of the County’s all-night earthmoving endeavors. Our County likes its citizens to share their experiences. Okay, now our experience is shared.

The C O O understands. The County’s contractors are on a schedule. Everyone regrets the inconvenience. But the massive earthmoving equipment, with its high-frequency, very high volume back-up alert beeps (Why can’t they all just look where they’re going?) must continue the County’s important work through the end of the month. The landfill must have more burial grounds. The titanic earthcraft that would laugh at Archimedes’ lever must move County earth throughout the night.

I expect no sympathy. I was able to sleep till 2:16 AM. I should think of other sleepless people all over the world who bear their hardship with so much grace.

I’m not there.



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2 responses to “small disruptions

  1. Laura

    Oh dear…of all the reasons to be woken up and kept up in the wee hours of the morning! I’m so sorry. Is there any source of white noise you could try “blasting” by your bed in hopes that your mind might be fooled into not hearing it? I will be praying for some speedier resolution to this. Sleep is important….


    • Vic put a CD of the Brandenburg Concerti on in the living room, but it’s amazing how penetrating those back-up alerts are. . . .and earplugs just fall out of my miniscule ear canals.

      I am definitely with the County on one thing: the contractor had better bibbidy bobbidy well finish this gig this month!

      Tender pat to precious Ada.


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