Week in a blink

God has renewed me this week through fellowship with friends, reading an encouraging lecture by the ever-wise and always timely Spurgeon, an inspiring update from some Christians in a country I will not name, who are friends of a friend; and, last but perhaps a bit less, resolution of a quest for a thoroughly competent 12-ounce travel tumbler (it’s been kind of a Holy Grail thing with me).

I sometimes forget how weather changes used to bring with them migraines and other symptoms that no longer inevitably come with the clouds. I resumed drinking coffee, and somehow discovered that drinking about five or six cups over the course of the day, from morning till after dinner, brought about better sleep uninterrupted by migraines. We have had sun, wind, and rain this week, and I enjoyed each as a blessing, rather than a source of terrible pain and exhaustion. I’m not pushing a coffee protocol—there’s no question my system is weirdly wired. I’m just thankful that such a simple thing as coffee has apparently brought me so much help.

As for the ankle I sprained getting up from sitting on the floor four weeks ago, I reckon two more weeks of taping will be sufficient to declare it healed. It still hurts too much to walk with it untaped, but taped, I can walk at my usual brisk-ish clip. I tape up my ankle every morning, but I can never remember the sequence for wrapping it effectively; I doubt I’ve wrapped it exactly the same way twice, but it always works. Like my wrapping technique, God’s mercies are new every morning.



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2 responses to “Week in a blink

  1. I was just reading Lamentations 3 today. I love seeing the experience of Christ in that chapter, and how steadfast love and mercy in the Father ‘outlasts’ casting off (v. 22, 31). I am so grateful for the continued daily mercies re: the migraines, and for the healing ankle, my precious friend.


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