All things summer

One of our lilac trees, a pale-lavender variety, refuses to cease blooming; it has no plan for early-summer exile as most lilacs do. This lilac’s strong redolence sweetens the air for a good 50 feet around itself, and outward even more when there is wind. When isn’t there wind. . . .

Brilliant deep orange-gold Northern orioles and bright-yellow-breasted Western kingbirds announce summer from our poplar trees; and we can gaze at the night sky without becoming cold, and easily see the Milky Way, and a planet, probably Saturn, on the eastern ecliptic.

Maybe it’s simply because summer affords us more daylight time to notice the things of the endlessly detailed, diverse world, that it all seems so inexhaustibly enjoyable. Summer seems also to be the season most likely to motivate me to try new things, like corn pasta.

The corn pasta’s golden color, and the merit of its being gluten free, prompted the splurge, along with a pork tenderloin, for my husband’s birthday dinner. He had court hearings the entire day, and I wanted to make a lovely dinner, and I actually did. I made pesto with Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and basil for the pasta, and even synchronized the roast tenderloin and the pasta to be done at the same time. Dinner was a hit, and I’ve ordered 12 pounds of corn spaghetti from Amazon, for about half the per-ounce price of the packet I bought at Albertson’s.

The introduction of a new variation on the steady theme of corn chips, corn tortillas, and buckwheat biscuits (rice is too glycemic for me) is positively thrilling. Only summer could motivate such a boost to my life-without-gluten-and-most-known-foods regime. Summer is such an adventurous season!


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