As a gobbler bobbled by. . .


This wild turkey showed up this morning, right outside my study window. I grabbed my camera, which, lacking batteries, was somewhat unprepared for the task at hand; I went for my 2 mega-pixel phone cam, which utterly lacks focal quality, but by then the turkey was a good 60 feet away, and the big guy would have needed a red circle to identify him. He returned late this afternoon, this time flapping his wings on the rail of our deck! But I was bungling with my stupid phone cam, trying to get it to switch from video to camera mode, and trying to hold on to the puny, slippery thing. By the time I could attempt a shot through the window–I didn’t want to open a door and risk spooking him–he was off again, but fairly discernable here. These birds are big, about the size of California condors.


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