A sinner’s merry Christmas

I didn’t think so much about “firsts,” and seldom recorded milestones when my daughter was growing up. Some parents do, but for some of us, our children’s childhood whirrs by in a blur. I don’t know how the passing of my own childhood was perceived by my parents, but it was all kind of a blur to me. I usually think in terms of places where we lived and my age in those places. I have a few memories of events, like Christmases and birthdays, associated with particular places.

Or maybe I was only there in pictures.

This Christmas is my granddaughter’s first Christmas to which she has any chance of attaching any memories; she wasn’t quite four months old at this time last year. This year, she has interests: she scrolls through her mom’s iPad, looking at baby pictures. Does she know the baby in the pictures is herself? I don’t know. She delights in eliciting different sounds from different musical instruments; she organizes things in stacks according to their kind, and builds pretty complicated structures with Legos.

Somehow, though, I suspect this may be a first and only Christmas in many ways for my granddaughter, and for her attentive and ever-amazed parents. This is her first Christmas as a liberated, fully ambulatory being. She’s already a little woman: she has zillions of shoes. This is the first Christmas she will be clearly speaking more than 20 words in their proper contexts. This Christmas will find her sorting through the wrap and wonders, delighting in the mystery of it all.

At nearly16 months, my granddaughter has a sense that all the wondrous things to be manipulated in her environment are for her and are all about her. She is a competent narcissist. She is a fully evolved, demonstrably accomplished sinner.

She should be. She comes from a long line of sturdy sinner stock. We all actualized our birthright, brilliantly. That’s why we need a Savior.


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4 responses to “A sinner’s merry Christmas

  1. Sally Yung

    Hi Lauren: Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, sally


  2. The discovery of Eel Creek and its chronicler has been something of an eye opener for this hibernating excuse for a paid -up Boomer. But that is all about to change! Now where have we heard that before?
    Seeing my own Granddaughter in the morning for her first Christmas day will be an experience to savour as it will be for you Lauren with your own accomplished wee sinner.
    Today am recovering from a 5.15 am start to collect my youngest at Terminal 2 in Dublin who has just completed 9000 air miles in about five days flat. But while I marvel at this sturdy sinner who has made Manhattan her home I wonder how long it will be before another child of the times will take its first breath in this crazy turbulent world.
    Thank you for your wonderful Eel Creek happenings and especially the Coffee perambulations. Wishing you all a peaceful and safe Christmas celebration and strength in the Year ahead.We are all going to need it I think!


    • Thank you, Robin. . .

      What a blessing for you that your daughter is free and able to return to Eire and reconnoitre with Grandpa. Neither Ireland nor New York nor my own little Clarkston is exactly a hotbed of peace. (I should know; my husband is a public defender. He’s meeting with clients at the jail today, spreading yuletide cheer and plea offers.)

      My daughter lives in Alaska, about 3600 miles away. I have only seen my granddaughter on Skype and in photos and videos. Cute little sinner. 🙂

      Have a wonderful holiday together! Do you have Starbucks there? What a question, I know.


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