PESD, faith, Calvin, etc.

What the CDC isn’t telling us is that Post Election Stress Disorder is pandemic, likely afflicting one in two Americans. Morbid unease has overtaken the population, leaving us to process a radical shift in the social order with whatever means we have on hand. Those with the good fortune to have a husband or wife (I will never use the genderless inclusive term “spouse” again), a faithful church, friends, and sufficiently strong coffee on hand, and are availing themselves of the comfort of all four (okay, the coffee’s negotiable), know what I’m talking about.

Washington state couples planning to marry, and who wish to have the terms “husband” and “wife” on their marriage license, need to marry before December. After December 3, all Washington state marriage licenses will use the word “spouse” for both parties. Counties are busily overhauling their forms as I write.

Does anyone actually think these measures will magically displace the clearly revealed polarities of nature? But of course.The deranged electorate has awesome powers. At least, it does in its own deranged collective mind. I think it was Lincoln who asked, How many legs does a donkey have if you call its tail a leg? The answer is four. Calling its tail a leg doesn’t make it one.

I need to be finding God’s glory in all of this; I need to see God’s glory in His righteous wrath. I’m so small and so up-ended, but that is what I must do.

I’m up to 24 ounces of French pressed French Roast in the morning. But I have other consolations. Our time hardly is as bad as times that have gone before. In 1539, Calvin wrote Reformation colleague William Farel,

“For we are no whit better here than with you, where you declare that matters are as bad as possible. Yet, in these otherwise desperate circumstances, we have always this consolation, that we do not serve God in vain, even when to all appearance we seem to toil to no purpose.” (Quoted in, William Perkins (1558-1602): “A Direction for the Government of the Tongue According to God’s Word,” In: The Banner of Truth, Nov. 2012)


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