On to slo-mo victory

There. 11:59 and victory is declared for Operation Tuesday Tasks. No casualties sustained (well, except for a minor trigeminal nerve nuisance presenting a drill-like sensation in my right ear). All inside window panes, tracks, and frames cleaned, and all upholstery wiped down with Murphy’s oil soap solution (for cat hair containment). It may be a tad evident that I am endeavoring (I cannot bring my American self to spell “endeavoring” with a “u”) to be a good ad for my book.



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2 responses to “On to slo-mo victory

  1. Oh the pain of cleaning windows is methinks akin to that of an author whose lovingly created manuscript is rejected (literally and with disdain) by the Cat who shall remain, anony-mouse (at least for the moment).
    11.59 is rather good going Lauren for the winning post. Are you sure you have no Anglo Saxon or Norman blood in you?..They were a hardy breed back then, both sides of the divide but, (with a sigh) the characteristically elegant Gauls(remember Bayeux?) won the day. It was definitely one in the eye for the residents!


    • I actually have a cupload or so of Norman. . . but I consider windows an easy matter because I keep them up–which you should know because you read my book! 🙂


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