Dust storm

What a lovely dust storm we’re having. This dust storm hearkens to the movie Hidalgo, about the 3,000-mile Ocean of Fire, the horse race across the Arabian desert. But I can see the sun. And at least, thanks to the bountiful proliferation of Russian thistle in Eastern Washington steppe country, we have tumbleweed to watch. And trees, poplar and spruce trees, leaning in every direction. And dust, the dust: the omnipresent and omnitemporal dust: the dust is where Clarkston meets Arabia. If Clarkston meets Arabia anywhere. I honestly don’t think it does. But I can sort of see the point of long sleeves and curtained heads as dust deflectors. Though out here, we just don’t mind very much being dusty.


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2 responses to “Dust storm

  1. How many lovely things God can do with dust.


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