If I may be quotable on the subject of SSN divulgence

“If at some point you determine that it is necessary to visit a hospital or emergency health care provider, laboratory, or even your own doctor (except in the case of a VA provider), then, having conceded the necessity to have something unusual checked out, notwithstanding your staunch and well-founded belief that you will come away without any new information or help anyway, at least come away without surrendering your SSN to the prevaricating interrogators, no matter how heartfully and authoritatively they invoke federal mandates. You don’t have to. At least, not yet. Of course, the charitable presumption is that these professionals are well-intentioned and misinformed, and not merely lying; but we all know that sometimes weak ground is signed by strong insistence.”

I suppose that from this standpoint, and on this point alone, I could rate my recent ER excursion a victorious success.

Here’s another quotable axiom:

“Under the New Health Care, ‘privacy’ means everyone and their corporate affiliates gets to know what’s in your medical file except you.”

But you knew that. And this particular hill has yet to be taken.


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5 responses to “If I may be quotable on the subject of SSN divulgence

  1. Actually, Heidi, thinking back, I’d say it all depends on the individual. In my case, standing up for myself helped me to garner my strength. Otherwise Vic would have taken over, but I think he realized I wasn’t stressed, but was having kind of a good time. 🙂


  2. L, I am so sorry you had to go to the ER. Never a pleasant occasion on which to exercise rights. You are in my prayers.


    • Just a new presentation of an old thing and it subsided without treatment, but it seemed good at the time to have it checked out. Mostly I was just granting interviews and waiting between interviewers.


  3. Jane

    At the clinic where my healthcare provider works, they won’t treat you if you don’t fork it over. Jim walked out; they already had mine, since I’m a Medicare patient. I didn’t want to lose my Nurse Practitioner; we have a long history of working together, and she trusts my use of controlled substances. It’s a bit of a problem….Jim finally found a doctor who didn’t require it, but has to go all the way to Yelm to see him! Jim’s home for dinner….bye for now, Love, J.


    • What I would offer in your situation, Jane, is cash payment in lieu of my SSN. If they refused that, I’d figure no provider was that good. It only takes one office derelict to swipe an identity. I’m not sure whether they can even legally require it, but I’m pretty sure suing for your rights would tend to dampen the relationship.


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