where sense meets sensual

I’ve been near-totally dependent on a computer for work, household management, and communication for more than 20 years. It’s been necessary, but sometimes I’ve resented the whole routine blasphemously, offsetting the times I’ve had to acknowledge that the computer of the day has made life easier. My new pc tablet certainly seems promising, and I think it’s because I am able to use a pen, on something that, at least visually, resembles paper, and accomplish necessary and aesthetic tasks without loss of a sense a sensory contribution to the process. It may be more than that. I think writing with one’s own hand with simple implements somehow keeps one connected to the history of human civilization. Before we invaded space there was a garden, and a garden required record keeping, and so we had to write. Now we write in space for people whose lives are frequently more space-bound than earth-bound.

There are immediate personal downsides: my cat is rueful that he can’t be in my lap because the tablet is. As it’s been too much in my lap, getting caught up with the necessary load from my other computer. We apparently have to create a network so I can synchronize essential things on both computers, like email folders, and even receive email on the tablet, something not yet happening. Our tools are fun, but our tools readily and forever become our taskmasters.

On the other hand, the handwriting recognition program interfaces better with WordPress than either direct typing or DragonSpeaking ever did. But I worry about my poor cat becoming neurotic, even more than he is. And my neck is pain-crunched writing in my lap-writing at all. It’s been an occupational hazard for half my life. It’s been an opportunity to develop patience and sanctifying perseverance for some of those years–an opportunity I’ve taken up regrettably little.

But I can work, and I must be grateful for the trials of patience and perseverance inherent in all work. I don’t always do well, but aspiration, thankfully, persists.


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